Friday, 13 May 2016

KIKO Cosmetics | Recent Purchases & Review

Hello Everybody!

So as you can tell by the title, I thought it would be nice to share with you what I brought from KIKO Cosmetics, the last time I went make-up shopping. I did pick up a few new items as their WANDERLUST collection had not long been released and it looked fab!

 So, first things first, is this gorgeous face/ powder brush which is super fluffy and feels so soft against the skin. I do occasionally have dry patches on my face as I have quite sensitive skin, so i needed something which wouldn't be too harsh against my skin. The coral pink is a beautiful colour, making it a unique brush to add to your collection. It is definitely a product I would recommend. I do however believe it is a limited edition product, from the ARTIST collection, so I am not 100% how long you will be able to get your hands on this for!

 I like to use this brush for bronzer as I find that it applies it well, as a little goes a long way. It blends products out lovely and its size is great for a less chiseled and more sun touched look.

I was literally so so excited to try this product when I brought it. I was after a big bronzer which I could just lightly run a large brush over rather than a small one which I would have to use a blusher brush or a contour brush for. It's called 'Desert Dunes' and it looks like this:

I cannot get over how gorgeous this bronzer is! It is one of the more expensive products from KIKO as it is from their new summer collection. However the for the size and the fact that it smells like chocolate! *resists a nibble* It is a bronzer which definitely caught my eye. As for the product itself, you really only need a little as it's pigmentation is really good. Too much of this however, starts to look a tad orange, hence why I only use a little, to literally add a bit of colour to my face. 

On a more disheartened note, I also brought this, it is the 'Sunshine' powder foundation in the shade 203. After my amazing experience with the bronzer I had high hopes for this, but it didn't live up to my expectations. 

Firstly, it is far too dark for me! after sampling on my hand it looked alright, and after blending and concealer I figured it would be worth the try as I haven't used a powder foundation before. Application isn't great either, it is really pigmented but it takes to my face in patches, causing a rather uneven and again patchy finish. Rather than waste it though, I have taken to using it as a matt bronzer, using it below my cheekbones.

Another item I brought from the ARTIST collection was this face serum. Admittedly I'm not really a serum user, in fact I dont think I had ever used one prior to this! I had no real idea on what they did or why or when I was to start using one.

 So when I spotted this I was intrigued. I'm not big on asking for help at beauty counters, I would rather drift around myself and figure out what my skin likes/dislikes. Its called 'Blooming Glow' and is a face serum which contains vitamins which help boost your skins complexion. Yes, the pretty pearled beads did sway me to buy it! but I was more drawn to it due to its appearance. Because I find that the word serum, is more typically associated with anti-aging products which admittedly frighten me a little bit... (I'm only 20!)

I decided to use the serum before I put on my moisturiser in the morning and occasionally on its own at night. I absolutely love this product! It really refreshes the skin, I feel more awake - sometimes lattes dont cut it!- and it makes my skin super soft, which makes putting my foundation on less of a chore!

This gorgeous nude lip liner is in the shade 700. Again, I had never owned a lip liner until this one, so KIKO have transformed me! I was however, looking for one. The colour is so pigmented and doesn't wash me out unlike other variations of nude, it has a creamy consistency and goes beautifully with my Rimmel Kate nude lipstick in 45.

Final purchase from KIKO came in the form of a mascara, which promised to lengthen and curl lashes. Its packaging gave off a MAC vibe which I liked. I do love a good packaging! but I would rather be wowed by the product itself!

I am a huge lover of Roller Lash by Benefit but I do think that it isn't a mascara I can continuously buy because of the price. So whilst in KIKO I searched for a similar sounding product and came across this. Although it is much cheaper it is a brilliant mascara. It lengthens, curls and really makes my eyes stand out, however I feel like its drying out much more quickly than I had anticipated! I am so excited to try more variations in mascara because they are fab for the price! 

Have you got any KIKO cosmetics? Have you tried any of the ones I have? Let me know if there are any great products I am missing out on! 


Sam xo

Sunday, 27 March 2016

How To Stay Motivated

I have to admit, motivation is something which I struggle with (I know you who are reading this will be nodding your heads thinking "she never blooming posts!") so yeah. It is literally next to non existent, and whilst I blame my depression for most of it, I know that the other segment is me just being, well, me!

It frustrates me incredibly when I leave my blog for so long because I genuinely love writing on it, but there is a gap, between what I want to do and actually doing it... so that's where this post comes in! I've decided to write a post (as the title states) on how to stay motivated, which even I will refer to when I lack energy. Staying motivated is mostly about how you perceive something, if its challenging we may just be tempted to leave it until another day. If its easy, we may just be tempted to do the same thing, its difficult really. My example would be this blog, I enjoy every aspect of it, but because I wasn't receiving the subscribers, I thought my readers didn't enjoy or like my content which made me less enthusiastic about posting often. Additionally, finding something fun and new to write about challenged me, I don't want to be like every other beauty blogger out there, I want to be unique, as does everyone, so finding my niche contributes to my motivation. I thought I would throw in a few things I like to do if I have assignments due in, which encourage me to sit and at least write parts of my assignment gradually to make it less stressful. 

1)  Music - Personally, listening to the sound of rain, really relaxes me, its a continuous sound (until it stops) which allows me to work, without me wanting to sing along to it, like I would Beyonce or Taylor Swift. I found an app called 'Defonic' which I am totally in love with, I believe it is just for android users but its fab! If you can access it, check it out, and let me know what you think. 

2) Nibbles - I am a nibbler at heart. Snacks and nibbles are the way forward in my eyes! I am a fan of the 'share' bags of crisps (especially Kettle Chips) being solely for me, and claiming the pot of hummus to keep dipping my bread sticks in to. These things keep my mind from being totally fixated on my laptop and allow me to drift away from the screen once in a while. It also lets me think whilst I nibble, and the large quantities of food prevent me from creeping back downstairs to the fridge every 10 minutes. 

3) Water and Fruit - Although fruit could be a nibble, I like to think of it as separate, as I see nibbles as 'indulgent food' and although I like fruit, I dont think of it like that! Blueberries and pineapple are my favourites and I consider myself being healthy and eating brain food when I eat them. Water is just a must have when working, although I like my indulgent snacks when it comes to beverages, water is kind of my go-to. I dont feel thoroughly hydrated unless I've drank water, which makes it perfect for when I'm studying. 

4) Exercise - Those of you who know me personally know that I want to be a health and exercise guru but i'm just not. I do like to go on walks as the weather doesn't really bother me, and It gives me time to clear my head if i'm stressed out or tired. Its quite nice as a break as well, taking in your surroundings and being thankful for what you have, its a lovely feeling. 

5) Being Social - Having assignment after assignment can be hard when trying to be a social butterfly. I wouldn't consider myself anti-social but I would rather stay in and watch a film than go out partying. I have learnt that its important to make time for loved ones, including your friends. Its ok to let your hair down if you want to, or have a catch up over a coffee. I always thought I was ok with being cooped up in my own little world, and I am, but you start to dwell on problems more than you need to and begin to forget what's important in life. So try to have a balance, taking an hour out for a coffee might motivate you more than if you were sat staring at your computer screen for an hour ay? 

So there you have it, ways I try and stay motivated. Do you have any ideas on how to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments! 

Sam xo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's a Boy! - Baby Hamper

So, just to make it clear, i am 19 years old and am currently NOT having a baby. This is a little something my boyfriend and i put together for his mum who IS having a baby :) This post is quite different to my normal posts but i do want to venture from my beauty roots and write a bit more about other things and this is where i am starting off! Let me know in the comments below if you like my new post and would like to see more posts as opposed to just beauty :) 

I am super excited, i have younger family members such as cousins and what not but i don't really remember my pregnant aunts or anything like that so its pretty amazing to me, especially because i live with her, so i get to see her little bump grow, its so cute! 

back to the hamper- i decided to create a little basket hamper thingy which would be from me and my boyfriend which had a few 'key items' so to speak of things she might need as soon as the bundle is born. I opted for Johnson's products for washing and bathing as to me, you can't really go wrong with Johnson's for babies, or adults for that matter, i do love a good sprinkle of baby powder when i get out of the bath, oh and the smell, who doesn't love that smell seriously? 

So i got three bath products and a shampoo one which all have the little red sticker which says 'no more tears' to reduce the risk of crying babies if the product gets in their eyes. From right to left (because i like to be different) we have Johnson's baby shampoo which is a honey yellow shade and smells literally like i would expect babies to smell, failing that it smells sort of citrus-y and honey-like i suppose and its also the smell of the yellow baby oil i believe. 

Next we have the the Johnson's baby bath which can be used everyday as it is so gentle. It is a pale blue in colour and smells similar to the baby shampoo but much softer and more floral as you would expect a bath product to smell, this super fresh little bottle is so natural its 'as pure as water' and its balanced pH means it is super kind to baby's skin. 

The chunky purple bottle contains Johnson's baby bedtime bath which says that it has 'been proven to help your baby sleep better' and what new mum doesn't want a baby which has a peaceful nights sleep? i happen to love this product myself as it smells divine. I don't quite know what it has in it as it doesn't state the exact aromas on the ingredients list but i love it anyway! it does state however that it has 'Natural Calm' in each bedtime product which is a blend of relaxing aromas to help you sleep.

Lastly we have Johnson's baby top-to-toe bath which has such natural properties that it is not only ideal for both bath and hair but it is suitable for baby's first bath. The fragrance of this product is a very subtle version of the baby shampoo with a pump lid which helps with the amount of product you get out of the bottle. Again it is pH balanced suitable for everyday use and the pale yellow colour is personally very suitable for new babies! 

I picked up this little fellow from John Lewis but i seriously couldn't resist him, yes i know I've genderised it but just look at its little face! JELLY CAT products are quite expensive for what they are but i wanted the new arrival to make my toy his favourite! Its a little orange giraffe with a ribbon mane and tail. It also has the cutest bell inside which rings delicately if that makes sense, so it isn't too harsh on the baby's ears as it is suitable from birth.  This chime chums giraffe which i have called Henry lead me to buy the next product which is a bashful bunny soother in white.

This baby comforter is super soft and if i could get away with it i would buy one for myself! the texture and material is literally comforting and i'm so glad i picked this up. Also from JELLY CAT it was quite expensive for what it is but i think it was worth it for the little one as it is also suitable from birth. A simple square of material attached rather cutely to a white rabbit makes it a toy and a blanket in one, perfect. 

The next three products were a bit basic for me to do a whole paragraph on their own so i decide to put them together and write about them as a whole as they are what i would call baby basic essentials. So firstly we have a twin pack of baby bath sponges which are super ideal for the Johnson's bath products i brought and it also means that they could be more gentle then using your hands as they are softer for baby's skin. Next i got a brush and comb set from Tommee Tippee which are used to comb and brush baby's first locks (if they have any!). Finally Bepanthen is a Nappy Care Ointment cream which helps protect your baby's bottom from nappy rash, so i picked a tube of this up as an alternative to Sudocream as it is specific for this need. However i reckon a pot of Sudocream will be purchased at some point as it is just amazing at covering all general itches, rashes, cuts and bruises so it would be definitely worth picking some up for when baby starts to grow. 

This next product is a little hard to see without a baby actually wearing it. It is a super adorable faux fur cream hooded shawl, the material is super cosy and soft and i just think this is perfect for after a bath all snuggled up! so cute and very lovely quality. The ears just make this product for me as it has little bear ears which are so so cute. I do really want one for myself though as it is so so soft i just can't help saying 'so' because it is just so!

This is the last item i brought for the hamper/basket thingy and it is this adorable two piece set for 0-3 month old's. This set is from Sainsburys and i got half price without even knowing it was on sale which was definitely an added bonus! The little jogging bottoms are ideal for newborn's so they can wriggle around and still feel comfy and they are stretchy, ideal for a nappy to sit inside. The jumper which matches the joggers is the same pale blue with a white car printed on the front which just screams baby boy to me! it also has three little buttons on the left hand side of jumper which are also a pale blue and little elbow patches on the sleeves which just gives added cuteness! 

Thank you for reading this super long post guys, i hope you enjoyed it! let me know in the comments below if you did! 
Lots of Love,
Sam x

Monday, 27 April 2015

BOURJOIS eau de gloss - Cosmic Shimmering Gloss

Hello hello hello! so, another beauty product today - sorry if its not for you, or you're getting bored of these...- and it is the Cosmic Shimmering Gloss by BOURJOIS in the shade 21 - cappuccino ice. I believe this product is new and hasn't yet come out yet? let me know in the comments below if you've heard of this product or if it has come out and i just haven't seen it out in shops! 
BOURJOIS products always look rather appealing to me, they tend to have very desirable names, colours and packaging so i was sort of dissapointed with this product on first impressions when it arrived 
OK, so forgive me if you like this but i just think its a bit plain... the random plastic top is a bit pointless and i just think it doesn't do the company justice at all. Plus it was a nightmare to photograph because of the holographic label! I suppose the colour of the lip gloss doesn't help the packaging's boring appearance, 'cappuccino ice' isn't exactly a thrilling colour either . 
Anyway, enough of the negativity. As i mentioned in my previous post i'm not a big lip gloss wearer, mostly because i don't like the sticky over glossy look on my lips i prefer a matte classic look, however i noticed this shimmering gloss was 'non sticky' or so it said, so i decided it was at least worth a try. Now, who thinks i hated it or was pleasantly surprised?? 
It really looks nothing like you anticipate it to look like! its smooth, glossy yes but i can look past that, it isn't sticky and it is more like a top coat for lipsticks? or that's what i would use it for. 

The colour is very subtle and almost nude, the shimmer isn't over the top and i like the consistency even though i'm not a glossy person. Sassy maybe but not glossy haha! i did half expect a thick brown blob to just ooze out the end but nope, no brown in sight, so i'm not too sure where the cappuccino comes in. 
Excuse the oddly shaped lips but i wanted you guys to see just how subtle this gloss was, its not in the slightest bit brown and actually just adds a little sheen to your everyday makeup look. I have to say, if i hadn't been sent this lip gloss it wouldn't have been one i chose in store due to the packaging. Additionally, due to the paleness of the colour i think this product would suit any skin tone due to its ability to adapt to your lip colour. 

Well, thats my review for today i hope you liked it :) Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on bloglovin 


Monday, 13 April 2015

New Lipstick | First Impressions

I'm not really a lipstick wearer, i think it makes me look like i'm trying too hard to look good for the local supermarket cashiers, which by the way i'm not. I would love to pull off a signature Taylor Swift bright red lip, or even a subtle nude would make me into a lippy wearer right? I think 'Clown' every time i even attempt lipstick thinking i am much too pale, much too petite which makes me look younger than i am and much too me. I mean lets be honest, how ridiculous is that... 'much too me' but yet i'm the one thinking it! 

Anyway, i wanted to stretch my arms away from the glossy nail varnishes and past the pretty eye shadows and into the unfamiliar surroundings of the lipstick. Little story for you here; i walked into Boots, went to each independent countery thingy (please someone comment and let me know what word I'm looking for here) and browsed. I had no idea of what i was looking for, only that i wanted a colour- great start- and i wanted a long lasting, pigmented colour as well. So i continued to browse and picked up a few colours sampling them on the back of my hand, like you do. I must have had about 30 different shades and consistencies of lipstick on the back of my hand, and to conclude the story, i ended up with three favourites. I love a happy ending... 

So I brought two Rimmel lipsticks and a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm, if you would like to know more, keep reading :) 

 The first Rimmel lipstick is mauve in colour and i would say fairly neutral as it suits all skin types. It is called ASIA and it is in the number 077 from the Rimmel Lasting Finish range. 
 The swatch of the lipstick is that it is very soft and easily appliable and has a slight sheen to it, which makes it very moisturising. I really like this lipstick due to the depth of the colour and the neutral element of it. Looking forward to using this one! 

The second Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick is called ALARM in the number 170. It is a vibrant red and like ASIA is very soft and rich in its colour.

 As i have previously mentioned i have always wanted to pull of a Tay Tay look and i think this is the winner red for me as i am quite pale in my complexion with brunette hair a little pop of colour will hopefully brighten me up a bit if i can be brave enough to wear it! 

 Different from the first two lipsticks i brought i opted for this Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade 205. I was rather intrigued by this one as the swatch made it out to be very lipstick like which i liked but i hoped it wasn't too glossy as i'm not a big lip gloss fan. 

 I have tried on this lipstick and i was quite impressed to say the least, the balm element is very much present in this product as it smells slightly spearminty and gives a lovely nourishing feeling and even makes your lips tingle a little bit! 

I am looking forward to trying all of my lipsticks out and i hope thats not just round the house! All three are very rich in colour and are good quality which i am super pleased about. 

What are your favourite lipsticks and why? Are there any others you think i should know about? Let me know in the comments below! 

Loves, Sam x

Monday, 30 March 2015

Upcoming Events & March Favourites

Hello Lovelies, so today is Monday (crying) but i do have many exciting things happening this week which i am so so looking forward to! firstly, i am going out into town on Thursday night, first night out in forever! seeing all of my beaut friends who have returned home from Uni will be so nice cause I've missed them all loads! so i might post a few outfits on here if that's something you guys would want to see? Lemme know in the comments below or feel free to message me directly on Twitter/Facebook or through Email :). Secondly i am going away over the Easter weekend to Chapel St. Leonard's for Easter Sunday and my birthday on the bank holiday Monday! So lots of trips around Chapel and surrounding areas :) i will be posting a 'checklist' on Wednesday for you all to see :) and i will be taking lots of photos of outfits and locations for y'all to see so you can enjoy it with me! :)  
So diverting from all the smiley emoticons lets get on to my beloved March favourites! 
1. Because its March and spring is supposed to have sprung i kind of felt as though flowers of some sort had to be part of my favourites as i have been loving these ones particularly because of their pretty colours and because they do look a bit different compared to your ordinary bunch of flowers. 

The combination of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths give the bouquet a spring wildflower sort of feel which i love as it looks like i could have picked them! 
2. Ok so for me, along with this spring-like weather comes dry dull skin which is rough and makes me feel ugly so, i brought this Vaseline intensive care moisturiser which as you know its my March favourites i have been loving. I brought it with the belief that because i love those little Vaseline lip tins that this would work wonders as well and it does! it smells so fresh, makes your skin so smooth and sinks in straight away meaning you don't have to walk around 'air drying' before you put clothes on, and the best part is, it doesn't cost a bomb!

3. Next we have a mascara which i have mentioned recently in my 'Benefit Collection' post, and its the Benefits Roller Lash mascara. I expressed why i loved it so much in that post but i just feel like it is so lovely for spring as it isn't too heavy, if that makes sense? its light and lengthens and lifts and for me its perfect for subtle spring looks. 

4. My fourth favourite, is an intense read. Its very graphic, personal and a truly well written book and i love it, not for its content, but for the author being so completely honest and open when writing this book and the way in which she writes, which i just give her so much credit for. 

I Understand that this is not everyone's idea of light a nighttime read, but i read this out of interest and because i think its important to listen to stories and not just the nice, happy ones. 

5. I have always been a ballistic person when it comes to Lush, mostly because i love the colour changes and the sparkly surprises when you lob your newly purchased bath bomb into your Sunday night bath however this month i have been loving the bubble bars, I've cheated a bit here because I've not actually used Ultraviolet (below) before but hey, bubble bars might be converting me in to a bubble person pretty soon. 

So there it is, my march monthly favourites! i hope you liked today's post guys and it has made you think of your monthly faves, let me know what you think and whether you have any favourites you'd love to share! 


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Benefit Collection

Hello my lovelies, today i thought it'd be nice to review one of my favourite make-up brands seen as though i am doing my absolute best to keep on top of my blog posts for you lovely lot! 

I do have more than one Benefit product here as these are the products most recently given to me and i like to have more than one product sometimes, so it gives you guys a chance to spot something you may want to buy yourself :)

First up is 'the PORE fessional' primer, it has a smooth and creamy consistency, and has a little tint to it which helps even out your skin tone and of course cover up your pores before applying your foundation. I have to say, its hard for me to find good primer and i mean good... most of them cake on my skin and just sort of patch on my face if you understand what i mean by that! its because my face is neither dry, nor oily, nor normal its a bit of all three really so its hard to find a perfect match. 

Next are my two beautiful mascaras which are titled 'BAD gal lash' and 'Roller Lash'. Personally i prefer using these two products together, BAD gal gives the dark definition with its wide and thick bristled wand and Roller Lash adds the curl and extra length with its skinny separated bristled wand, they are wonder mascaras! As you can tell by the picture i only have the miniatures but i prefer them as i can wiggle their little wands in between each and every lash. Roller Lash also has a gorgeous rose gold lid... oh my. 
High Beam is a beautiful silky smooth liquid that shimmers and shines just like a pearl effect nail varnish but for your face! its tinted pink and is just lovely, i love it what more can i say? apply it to your light contour spots for a subtle pink dewy glow. It comes in a cute lil pot with a screw on lid with a mini brush attached to it, so no more tapping the bottom of your bottle lightly, carefully, trying to encourage the right amount of liquid out. Its all done for you! its 'Beamiful' (see what i did there, oh yes.. i'm good)

So now we are left with Boi-ing in shade 02 accompanied with Eye Bright. Those of you familiar with Benefit products know that Boi-ing is a concealer particularly good as concealing dark under eye circles.. however, as much as i hate to say this, it just doesn't like my skin type at all... i'm pale and most of the time have dry skin which means it just sits there on my face, its quite difficult for me to blend it in and it is a tad too dark for me! Eye Bright does lighten it up a bit and this as a stand alone product is wonderful! it definitely  does what it says on the tin, well, box... :) 

Let me know what you thought of today's post guys and feel free to message or comment with any questions or queries! 

Loves x