Monday, 30 March 2015

Upcoming Events & March Favourites

Hello Lovelies, so today is Monday (crying) but i do have many exciting things happening this week which i am so so looking forward to! firstly, i am going out into town on Thursday night, first night out in forever! seeing all of my beaut friends who have returned home from Uni will be so nice cause I've missed them all loads! so i might post a few outfits on here if that's something you guys would want to see? Lemme know in the comments below or feel free to message me directly on Twitter/Facebook or through Email :). Secondly i am going away over the Easter weekend to Chapel St. Leonard's for Easter Sunday and my birthday on the bank holiday Monday! So lots of trips around Chapel and surrounding areas :) i will be posting a 'checklist' on Wednesday for you all to see :) and i will be taking lots of photos of outfits and locations for y'all to see so you can enjoy it with me! :)  
So diverting from all the smiley emoticons lets get on to my beloved March favourites! 
1. Because its March and spring is supposed to have sprung i kind of felt as though flowers of some sort had to be part of my favourites as i have been loving these ones particularly because of their pretty colours and because they do look a bit different compared to your ordinary bunch of flowers. 

The combination of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths give the bouquet a spring wildflower sort of feel which i love as it looks like i could have picked them! 
2. Ok so for me, along with this spring-like weather comes dry dull skin which is rough and makes me feel ugly so, i brought this Vaseline intensive care moisturiser which as you know its my March favourites i have been loving. I brought it with the belief that because i love those little Vaseline lip tins that this would work wonders as well and it does! it smells so fresh, makes your skin so smooth and sinks in straight away meaning you don't have to walk around 'air drying' before you put clothes on, and the best part is, it doesn't cost a bomb!

3. Next we have a mascara which i have mentioned recently in my 'Benefit Collection' post, and its the Benefits Roller Lash mascara. I expressed why i loved it so much in that post but i just feel like it is so lovely for spring as it isn't too heavy, if that makes sense? its light and lengthens and lifts and for me its perfect for subtle spring looks. 

4. My fourth favourite, is an intense read. Its very graphic, personal and a truly well written book and i love it, not for its content, but for the author being so completely honest and open when writing this book and the way in which she writes, which i just give her so much credit for. 

I Understand that this is not everyone's idea of light a nighttime read, but i read this out of interest and because i think its important to listen to stories and not just the nice, happy ones. 

5. I have always been a ballistic person when it comes to Lush, mostly because i love the colour changes and the sparkly surprises when you lob your newly purchased bath bomb into your Sunday night bath however this month i have been loving the bubble bars, I've cheated a bit here because I've not actually used Ultraviolet (below) before but hey, bubble bars might be converting me in to a bubble person pretty soon. 

So there it is, my march monthly favourites! i hope you liked today's post guys and it has made you think of your monthly faves, let me know what you think and whether you have any favourites you'd love to share! 


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