Thursday, 26 March 2015

Benefit Collection

Hello my lovelies, today i thought it'd be nice to review one of my favourite make-up brands seen as though i am doing my absolute best to keep on top of my blog posts for you lovely lot! 

I do have more than one Benefit product here as these are the products most recently given to me and i like to have more than one product sometimes, so it gives you guys a chance to spot something you may want to buy yourself :)

First up is 'the PORE fessional' primer, it has a smooth and creamy consistency, and has a little tint to it which helps even out your skin tone and of course cover up your pores before applying your foundation. I have to say, its hard for me to find good primer and i mean good... most of them cake on my skin and just sort of patch on my face if you understand what i mean by that! its because my face is neither dry, nor oily, nor normal its a bit of all three really so its hard to find a perfect match. 

Next are my two beautiful mascaras which are titled 'BAD gal lash' and 'Roller Lash'. Personally i prefer using these two products together, BAD gal gives the dark definition with its wide and thick bristled wand and Roller Lash adds the curl and extra length with its skinny separated bristled wand, they are wonder mascaras! As you can tell by the picture i only have the miniatures but i prefer them as i can wiggle their little wands in between each and every lash. Roller Lash also has a gorgeous rose gold lid... oh my. 
High Beam is a beautiful silky smooth liquid that shimmers and shines just like a pearl effect nail varnish but for your face! its tinted pink and is just lovely, i love it what more can i say? apply it to your light contour spots for a subtle pink dewy glow. It comes in a cute lil pot with a screw on lid with a mini brush attached to it, so no more tapping the bottom of your bottle lightly, carefully, trying to encourage the right amount of liquid out. Its all done for you! its 'Beamiful' (see what i did there, oh yes.. i'm good)

So now we are left with Boi-ing in shade 02 accompanied with Eye Bright. Those of you familiar with Benefit products know that Boi-ing is a concealer particularly good as concealing dark under eye circles.. however, as much as i hate to say this, it just doesn't like my skin type at all... i'm pale and most of the time have dry skin which means it just sits there on my face, its quite difficult for me to blend it in and it is a tad too dark for me! Eye Bright does lighten it up a bit and this as a stand alone product is wonderful! it definitely  does what it says on the tin, well, box... :) 

Let me know what you thought of today's post guys and feel free to message or comment with any questions or queries! 

Loves x


  1. You have a great collection! :)

    Kirsty |

  2. Thank you! totally in love with Benefit! Are you a benefit fan? :) x