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Hello Peaches is all about what i want to contribute to my little slice of the internet. I mostly post about beauty but also (once my life gets a little more interesting) would love to post more on daily life such as yoga, eating healthy, baking, vacations and many more. As a mild depression sufferer it isn't always easy for me to regularly post wild and exotic blog posts but having a blog has helped me huge amounts in the long run and as i progress i hope i am more confident in myself and in my writing. 

Anyway serious stuff out the way, i am a very small 19 year old who could easily pass for a 16 year old, is that good or bad? I live with my boyfriend of 2 years who is a huge gamer so you might even see bits of that crop up in my blog and he has two husky dogs which are a complete pain in the bum because they are mischievous and like to eat things like shoes and the odd sock. More personally i left school aged 18 having got A-Level results but i initially wanted to stay longer but my depression made it difficult for me to stick out the last year so since leaving i have taken up my weekend job with more hours and started blogging. I am now currently studying Nursing & Midwifery at college, which, i never thought i would be able to do, but it's such an amazing and rewarding career so i genuinely hope i am successful. 

Although still new to blogging i honestly cannot say how much i have enjoyed writing posts for people i know and even strangers to read. Receiving comments, and followers makes me have a little more faith in myself as a person that i can actually make others happy too. Writing about myself, my likes and dislikes, my passions and my dreams is a lot easier for me then explaining it in person. 

I hope to continue on this blogging road that i am on and progress into something that i can be proud of, please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions regarding my 'About Me' page as i would love to hear your comments. Also make sure to regularly stay tuned into my blogs as you never know, it could be something you have always wanted to read! 

Lots of love, smiles and hugs
Sam x

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