Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's a Boy! - Baby Hamper

So, just to make it clear, i am 19 years old and am currently NOT having a baby. This is a little something my boyfriend and i put together for his mum who IS having a baby :) This post is quite different to my normal posts but i do want to venture from my beauty roots and write a bit more about other things and this is where i am starting off! Let me know in the comments below if you like my new post and would like to see more posts as opposed to just beauty :) 

I am super excited, i have younger family members such as cousins and what not but i don't really remember my pregnant aunts or anything like that so its pretty amazing to me, especially because i live with her, so i get to see her little bump grow, its so cute! 

back to the hamper- i decided to create a little basket hamper thingy which would be from me and my boyfriend which had a few 'key items' so to speak of things she might need as soon as the bundle is born. I opted for Johnson's products for washing and bathing as to me, you can't really go wrong with Johnson's for babies, or adults for that matter, i do love a good sprinkle of baby powder when i get out of the bath, oh and the smell, who doesn't love that smell seriously? 

So i got three bath products and a shampoo one which all have the little red sticker which says 'no more tears' to reduce the risk of crying babies if the product gets in their eyes. From right to left (because i like to be different) we have Johnson's baby shampoo which is a honey yellow shade and smells literally like i would expect babies to smell, failing that it smells sort of citrus-y and honey-like i suppose and its also the smell of the yellow baby oil i believe. 

Next we have the the Johnson's baby bath which can be used everyday as it is so gentle. It is a pale blue in colour and smells similar to the baby shampoo but much softer and more floral as you would expect a bath product to smell, this super fresh little bottle is so natural its 'as pure as water' and its balanced pH means it is super kind to baby's skin. 

The chunky purple bottle contains Johnson's baby bedtime bath which says that it has 'been proven to help your baby sleep better' and what new mum doesn't want a baby which has a peaceful nights sleep? i happen to love this product myself as it smells divine. I don't quite know what it has in it as it doesn't state the exact aromas on the ingredients list but i love it anyway! it does state however that it has 'Natural Calm' in each bedtime product which is a blend of relaxing aromas to help you sleep.

Lastly we have Johnson's baby top-to-toe bath which has such natural properties that it is not only ideal for both bath and hair but it is suitable for baby's first bath. The fragrance of this product is a very subtle version of the baby shampoo with a pump lid which helps with the amount of product you get out of the bottle. Again it is pH balanced suitable for everyday use and the pale yellow colour is personally very suitable for new babies! 

I picked up this little fellow from John Lewis but i seriously couldn't resist him, yes i know I've genderised it but just look at its little face! JELLY CAT products are quite expensive for what they are but i wanted the new arrival to make my toy his favourite! Its a little orange giraffe with a ribbon mane and tail. It also has the cutest bell inside which rings delicately if that makes sense, so it isn't too harsh on the baby's ears as it is suitable from birth.  This chime chums giraffe which i have called Henry lead me to buy the next product which is a bashful bunny soother in white.

This baby comforter is super soft and if i could get away with it i would buy one for myself! the texture and material is literally comforting and i'm so glad i picked this up. Also from JELLY CAT it was quite expensive for what it is but i think it was worth it for the little one as it is also suitable from birth. A simple square of material attached rather cutely to a white rabbit makes it a toy and a blanket in one, perfect. 

The next three products were a bit basic for me to do a whole paragraph on their own so i decide to put them together and write about them as a whole as they are what i would call baby basic essentials. So firstly we have a twin pack of baby bath sponges which are super ideal for the Johnson's bath products i brought and it also means that they could be more gentle then using your hands as they are softer for baby's skin. Next i got a brush and comb set from Tommee Tippee which are used to comb and brush baby's first locks (if they have any!). Finally Bepanthen is a Nappy Care Ointment cream which helps protect your baby's bottom from nappy rash, so i picked a tube of this up as an alternative to Sudocream as it is specific for this need. However i reckon a pot of Sudocream will be purchased at some point as it is just amazing at covering all general itches, rashes, cuts and bruises so it would be definitely worth picking some up for when baby starts to grow. 

This next product is a little hard to see without a baby actually wearing it. It is a super adorable faux fur cream hooded shawl, the material is super cosy and soft and i just think this is perfect for after a bath all snuggled up! so cute and very lovely quality. The ears just make this product for me as it has little bear ears which are so so cute. I do really want one for myself though as it is so so soft i just can't help saying 'so' because it is just so!

This is the last item i brought for the hamper/basket thingy and it is this adorable two piece set for 0-3 month old's. This set is from Sainsburys and i got half price without even knowing it was on sale which was definitely an added bonus! The little jogging bottoms are ideal for newborn's so they can wriggle around and still feel comfy and they are stretchy, ideal for a nappy to sit inside. The jumper which matches the joggers is the same pale blue with a white car printed on the front which just screams baby boy to me! it also has three little buttons on the left hand side of jumper which are also a pale blue and little elbow patches on the sleeves which just gives added cuteness! 

Thank you for reading this super long post guys, i hope you enjoyed it! let me know in the comments below if you did! 
Lots of Love,
Sam x