Friday, 13 May 2016

KIKO Cosmetics | Recent Purchases & Review

Hello Everybody!

So as you can tell by the title, I thought it would be nice to share with you what I brought from KIKO Cosmetics, the last time I went make-up shopping. I did pick up a few new items as their WANDERLUST collection had not long been released and it looked fab!

 So, first things first, is this gorgeous face/ powder brush which is super fluffy and feels so soft against the skin. I do occasionally have dry patches on my face as I have quite sensitive skin, so i needed something which wouldn't be too harsh against my skin. The coral pink is a beautiful colour, making it a unique brush to add to your collection. It is definitely a product I would recommend. I do however believe it is a limited edition product, from the ARTIST collection, so I am not 100% how long you will be able to get your hands on this for!

 I like to use this brush for bronzer as I find that it applies it well, as a little goes a long way. It blends products out lovely and its size is great for a less chiseled and more sun touched look.

I was literally so so excited to try this product when I brought it. I was after a big bronzer which I could just lightly run a large brush over rather than a small one which I would have to use a blusher brush or a contour brush for. It's called 'Desert Dunes' and it looks like this:

I cannot get over how gorgeous this bronzer is! It is one of the more expensive products from KIKO as it is from their new summer collection. However the for the size and the fact that it smells like chocolate! *resists a nibble* It is a bronzer which definitely caught my eye. As for the product itself, you really only need a little as it's pigmentation is really good. Too much of this however, starts to look a tad orange, hence why I only use a little, to literally add a bit of colour to my face. 

On a more disheartened note, I also brought this, it is the 'Sunshine' powder foundation in the shade 203. After my amazing experience with the bronzer I had high hopes for this, but it didn't live up to my expectations. 

Firstly, it is far too dark for me! after sampling on my hand it looked alright, and after blending and concealer I figured it would be worth the try as I haven't used a powder foundation before. Application isn't great either, it is really pigmented but it takes to my face in patches, causing a rather uneven and again patchy finish. Rather than waste it though, I have taken to using it as a matt bronzer, using it below my cheekbones.

Another item I brought from the ARTIST collection was this face serum. Admittedly I'm not really a serum user, in fact I dont think I had ever used one prior to this! I had no real idea on what they did or why or when I was to start using one.

 So when I spotted this I was intrigued. I'm not big on asking for help at beauty counters, I would rather drift around myself and figure out what my skin likes/dislikes. Its called 'Blooming Glow' and is a face serum which contains vitamins which help boost your skins complexion. Yes, the pretty pearled beads did sway me to buy it! but I was more drawn to it due to its appearance. Because I find that the word serum, is more typically associated with anti-aging products which admittedly frighten me a little bit... (I'm only 20!)

I decided to use the serum before I put on my moisturiser in the morning and occasionally on its own at night. I absolutely love this product! It really refreshes the skin, I feel more awake - sometimes lattes dont cut it!- and it makes my skin super soft, which makes putting my foundation on less of a chore!

This gorgeous nude lip liner is in the shade 700. Again, I had never owned a lip liner until this one, so KIKO have transformed me! I was however, looking for one. The colour is so pigmented and doesn't wash me out unlike other variations of nude, it has a creamy consistency and goes beautifully with my Rimmel Kate nude lipstick in 45.

Final purchase from KIKO came in the form of a mascara, which promised to lengthen and curl lashes. Its packaging gave off a MAC vibe which I liked. I do love a good packaging! but I would rather be wowed by the product itself!

I am a huge lover of Roller Lash by Benefit but I do think that it isn't a mascara I can continuously buy because of the price. So whilst in KIKO I searched for a similar sounding product and came across this. Although it is much cheaper it is a brilliant mascara. It lengthens, curls and really makes my eyes stand out, however I feel like its drying out much more quickly than I had anticipated! I am so excited to try more variations in mascara because they are fab for the price! 

Have you got any KIKO cosmetics? Have you tried any of the ones I have? Let me know if there are any great products I am missing out on! 


Sam xo

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