Sunday, 27 March 2016

How To Stay Motivated

I have to admit, motivation is something which I struggle with (I know you who are reading this will be nodding your heads thinking "she never blooming posts!") so yeah. It is literally next to non existent, and whilst I blame my depression for most of it, I know that the other segment is me just being, well, me!

It frustrates me incredibly when I leave my blog for so long because I genuinely love writing on it, but there is a gap, between what I want to do and actually doing it... so that's where this post comes in! I've decided to write a post (as the title states) on how to stay motivated, which even I will refer to when I lack energy. Staying motivated is mostly about how you perceive something, if its challenging we may just be tempted to leave it until another day. If its easy, we may just be tempted to do the same thing, its difficult really. My example would be this blog, I enjoy every aspect of it, but because I wasn't receiving the subscribers, I thought my readers didn't enjoy or like my content which made me less enthusiastic about posting often. Additionally, finding something fun and new to write about challenged me, I don't want to be like every other beauty blogger out there, I want to be unique, as does everyone, so finding my niche contributes to my motivation. I thought I would throw in a few things I like to do if I have assignments due in, which encourage me to sit and at least write parts of my assignment gradually to make it less stressful. 

1)  Music - Personally, listening to the sound of rain, really relaxes me, its a continuous sound (until it stops) which allows me to work, without me wanting to sing along to it, like I would Beyonce or Taylor Swift. I found an app called 'Defonic' which I am totally in love with, I believe it is just for android users but its fab! If you can access it, check it out, and let me know what you think. 

2) Nibbles - I am a nibbler at heart. Snacks and nibbles are the way forward in my eyes! I am a fan of the 'share' bags of crisps (especially Kettle Chips) being solely for me, and claiming the pot of hummus to keep dipping my bread sticks in to. These things keep my mind from being totally fixated on my laptop and allow me to drift away from the screen once in a while. It also lets me think whilst I nibble, and the large quantities of food prevent me from creeping back downstairs to the fridge every 10 minutes. 

3) Water and Fruit - Although fruit could be a nibble, I like to think of it as separate, as I see nibbles as 'indulgent food' and although I like fruit, I dont think of it like that! Blueberries and pineapple are my favourites and I consider myself being healthy and eating brain food when I eat them. Water is just a must have when working, although I like my indulgent snacks when it comes to beverages, water is kind of my go-to. I dont feel thoroughly hydrated unless I've drank water, which makes it perfect for when I'm studying. 

4) Exercise - Those of you who know me personally know that I want to be a health and exercise guru but i'm just not. I do like to go on walks as the weather doesn't really bother me, and It gives me time to clear my head if i'm stressed out or tired. Its quite nice as a break as well, taking in your surroundings and being thankful for what you have, its a lovely feeling. 

5) Being Social - Having assignment after assignment can be hard when trying to be a social butterfly. I wouldn't consider myself anti-social but I would rather stay in and watch a film than go out partying. I have learnt that its important to make time for loved ones, including your friends. Its ok to let your hair down if you want to, or have a catch up over a coffee. I always thought I was ok with being cooped up in my own little world, and I am, but you start to dwell on problems more than you need to and begin to forget what's important in life. So try to have a balance, taking an hour out for a coffee might motivate you more than if you were sat staring at your computer screen for an hour ay? 

So there you have it, ways I try and stay motivated. Do you have any ideas on how to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments! 

Sam xo

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