Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mini Primark Shopping Spree!

Hey Guys!

So its been a while.. i am sorry its been a difficult time for me at the moment so blogging just sort of had to take a back seat in my life. 

Any who i went shopping yesterday with my beaut sister and as you can probably tell from the labels it was a successful trip to Primark!

This NEVER normally happens... i like Primark but i never really buy anything. I mostly browse, pick things up and them put them back in a random place because lets face it.. the ques in that place are longer than those at ASDA on black Friday! So this time  i brought things :) 

The crochet top picked out by my sister is one that Zoella actually brought on her last Primark haul video. I didn't think much of it at first sight but actually trying it on, its surprisingly flattering and doesn't look like something your Nan knitted for next doors dog. I am very into stripes at the moment and thought this would look nice with some black skinny jeans or maybe a skater skirt.

The shorts in the top right are just a plain navy blue runner short, now, i brought some like this from Top shop last year and thought those were reasonably priced.. no where near these bad boys as these were only £3! I like their simplicity and i love comfy shorts in 
summer so these were a win win! The shoes in the bottom right were a little pricey for Primark i thought as these rocked up at £8 but having said that i brought them because i loved them and to be fair you aren't going to find summer flats cheaper than that. 

I have actually always wanted to pull of the flower headband or crown as they are sometimes referred too, so when i went in i tried a few on.. i found that the big flowers really made my head look pea-sized and teeny but the smaller daintier ones actually didn't look half bad! hence why i picked this little beauty up with small pale pink roses dotted across the band with small green leaves in between them. 

Again scrunchies are another thing i wanted to be able to pull off so i picked up this cute pair which has one plain white one and another which is blue with small daisies on it. i feel like accessories are my weakness as i never really accessorize and i feel like i should? so hopefully what I've picked up is a good starting point :).

Finally i picked up these sunglasses... i love the big bug-eye ones which look so cute and fun but they just make me look even smaller then i am so i opted for these, which are a tortoise shell design (let me know if it isn't that i am not too sure!). I chose these because i felt like they would go with a lot of outfits and because of their colour I'm not being too boring going for a plain black or white. 

So, that's it! a long post for today guys, let me know if you have any questions/queries anything like that i would love to hear from you! :)


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