Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ecotools Retractable Foundation Brush

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I know its been far too long since i wrote my last post (sorry, sorry, sorry) its not very often i get to pick up new beauty products to try out!

I am really looking forward to experimenting this year with new make-up brands, new colours, new tools, more diverse products and using my favourite brands more. So... todays post is a bit of a new start, i thought this new product i had purchased seemed fitting. It is new to me but not new to the market and its the 'ecotools retractable foundation brush'.

i have never brought from this brand before as personally i think it is a little over priced BUT i did buy this product as a special offer item (£2.50!?!? i know...AMAZING supposed to be £9.99) and so i figured if it was a product i loved i wouldnt mind purchasing more of their products.

Its been so long ive almost forgotten how to type...
first impressions of the brand are good, its economically friendly and animal cruelty free which are always good in my books. It has this cute little bag which is green in which you can take your retractable foundation brush on your travels.
The brush itself is super soft and i quote "shaped like your fingertip to apply foundation with precision" i love this... its chunky and yet travel size, delicate yet durable and it comes with a lid thats bottom-of-handbag-fluff-proof perfect!

its application is easy and streak-free even as a small sized brush and its bristles dont detach themseleves and try to become part of your face. Its a beautiful shade of bronze and i am very happy with my BARGIN FIND if you would like to know more be sure to comment/like or message me on Twitter/Facebook,

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