Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Benefit 'Powderflage'

Today's review is of Benefits powderflage, for anyone wondering it is quite the challenge photographing this tiny weeny pot with an iPod camera so i did use the benefit website image of this product which i will post a link to at the end of this review! 

I know most people wont even consider this because it is a powder concealer. Yep, that's right powder power! for the people who know me well enough to see me without makeup (feel incredibly special right now) then you'll know i am rather insecure about my under eye dark circles... I've tried various concealers and correctors and i just don't notice that big a difference. I don't have mass amounts of money so i do try and stick to brands i can find in shops such as boots, I am comfortably using No17 heavy duty under eye concealer at the moment but again i still feel they stand out. 

I had this little pot of pink powdery-ness given to me as a gift a little while back and at first i hated it!, it made my eyes dry, it made them shimmery and i refused to put it on my face. But, after learning new tips about makeup and how to apply it, i noticed a massive difference in the effect of powderflage when it was put on top of my heavy duty under eye concealer. it lifted my eyes when i had a moisturised background to work on, which made all the difference. 

The slightly pink shimmery powder reflects light making your under eye dark circles appear lighter and less visible but, ensure you use a moisturising base so that it doesn't dry your eye area out. 

at £19.50 it isn't cheap for the amount that you get, but its the only thing which has made me feel thoroughly comfortable about my under eye dark circles and i will definitely purchase it when i run out of my current  pot, because although it is petite, you only need the smallest amount on the brush to blend in to make your eyes instantly brighter!