Monday, 27 April 2015

BOURJOIS eau de gloss - Cosmic Shimmering Gloss

Hello hello hello! so, another beauty product today - sorry if its not for you, or you're getting bored of these...- and it is the Cosmic Shimmering Gloss by BOURJOIS in the shade 21 - cappuccino ice. I believe this product is new and hasn't yet come out yet? let me know in the comments below if you've heard of this product or if it has come out and i just haven't seen it out in shops! 
BOURJOIS products always look rather appealing to me, they tend to have very desirable names, colours and packaging so i was sort of dissapointed with this product on first impressions when it arrived 
OK, so forgive me if you like this but i just think its a bit plain... the random plastic top is a bit pointless and i just think it doesn't do the company justice at all. Plus it was a nightmare to photograph because of the holographic label! I suppose the colour of the lip gloss doesn't help the packaging's boring appearance, 'cappuccino ice' isn't exactly a thrilling colour either . 
Anyway, enough of the negativity. As i mentioned in my previous post i'm not a big lip gloss wearer, mostly because i don't like the sticky over glossy look on my lips i prefer a matte classic look, however i noticed this shimmering gloss was 'non sticky' or so it said, so i decided it was at least worth a try. Now, who thinks i hated it or was pleasantly surprised?? 
It really looks nothing like you anticipate it to look like! its smooth, glossy yes but i can look past that, it isn't sticky and it is more like a top coat for lipsticks? or that's what i would use it for. 

The colour is very subtle and almost nude, the shimmer isn't over the top and i like the consistency even though i'm not a glossy person. Sassy maybe but not glossy haha! i did half expect a thick brown blob to just ooze out the end but nope, no brown in sight, so i'm not too sure where the cappuccino comes in. 
Excuse the oddly shaped lips but i wanted you guys to see just how subtle this gloss was, its not in the slightest bit brown and actually just adds a little sheen to your everyday makeup look. I have to say, if i hadn't been sent this lip gloss it wouldn't have been one i chose in store due to the packaging. Additionally, due to the paleness of the colour i think this product would suit any skin tone due to its ability to adapt to your lip colour. 

Well, thats my review for today i hope you liked it :) Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on bloglovin 


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